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All about calories August 21, 2010

Posted by Jeena in Food, People.
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I decided to hit the gym today morning. The short walk between home and work is not going to burn much calories. Especially when dinner is what I put together. Besides, I swear the fat in my thighs have just solidified in this weather. Newer additions to the frozen cellulite will be welcomed and taught to solidify more!

I met the lovely trainer Sarah (Yes, she’s good looking, tall and slim!), who pointed me in the direction of the treadmill, then the cycle and a relative of the stepper (she said it’s not a stepper). All of them had programs to go uphill while watching the candidates of the federal election on the little TV on the equipment.

After about 35 minutes on the path of discovery to my unfitness. I said goodbye to the equipment and the trainer and went to rest a bit before venturing out to Victoria Market.

The City Circle tram took us to the short distance to the market. There were a lot of families out shopping. The prices of veggies varied and friends accompanying me not to buy from the first stall. They were right. As we wandered, I saw the difference in prices.

Very colorful dress

It’s dawned on me that there aren’t as many veggies offered here as back home. There were onions, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, capsicum, the salad variety leaves, cabbage and cauliflower. There is a limited option here, I must say or is it just this place. I’ve got to find out where the lady’s fingers, bitter gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd, yams, etc are.

The meat section was a sight and smell place. My companions, pure veggies, couldn’t take the smell, quit and went outside to wait for me. The smell of pure blood assured me that the produce is fresh. I found my way to the seafood counters and was quite dismayed with the unfamiliar fish. I moved from stall to stall looking for sear or lady fish. I finally asked the lady behind the counter for suggestion.

I bought half a kilo of fillet of something, totally gullible to her suggestion that it’s ideal to pan fry. But she doesn’t realize my marinade is ginger garlic and spices, opposed to her suggestion to flour and bread crumbs.

I missed visiting this on my last trip – it is an eye opener all right! Hopefully, some calories were burnt today!



1. nayyirnensi - October 1, 2010

My sister would love this blog. She excercises all day. I don’t know why. She’s so skinny

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