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Aussie Diaries: Wednesday Night Market March 26, 2011

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Queen Victoria Market has a lot of fresh produce. I would go there to get veggies, fruits, meat and fish – in that particular order. It’s a nice place to kill a few hours especially if you are a tourist or don’t belong to suburbia.

Michelle kept telling me to visit either the St.Kilda market or the QV Wednesday night market. If you are an Aussie or follow AFL, the St.Kilda team became infamous overnight recently. But St.Kilda is a beautiful area facing placid waters, a long pier, loads of options for food and drink. But I kept putting it off.

Wednesday night markets were out of the question because of it being a weekday, going alone, etc – excuses I laid out to Michelle. She finally took things into her own hands and arranged to go one week – to QV’s Wednesday night market.

But work played up and we postponed it to the next week. We took the tram to QV Market and the place as I knew it was transformed!! There were loads and loads of people. Mouthwatering smells were emanating from the different food counters. There was music playing in another part of the market with young people enjoying themselves dancing or swaying. Kids were gossiping away to their friends.

I would have headed directly to the food counters. You wouldn’t blame me if you were a foodie too. Calamari/squids, sausages, pasta, asian rice dishes, Italian or Mexican or German or Aussie – all under one roof.

There was a second roof with more options but we didn’t realize that until we were leaving.

I fell in with Michelle’s and Cathy’s plans to check out the trinkets and other stalls before buying food. It was fun! Jeweleries made with opals, multi-colored fiery stones; different organic teas that would do wonders in hydrating your skin in myriad ways; bars of home-made nougats; different wines that you could taste and not necessarily buy; framed photos of exotic destinations or Australia (your choice); fashionable outfits by those who were starting out… super fun, loads to see, touch, taste or just wander about without buying – they were not that expensive either.

We purchased stuff that caught our fancy – one of them was the nougat bar 😛 – before the others thought of feeding our weary bodies. We headed to the counter which was selling hot corn cakes. They were served with curd and ketchup. The serving size was small but yummmm. It was well worth the long queue to the counter as well as the hunt for the empty chairs to savor our food!

QV Wednesday night market is also not an all-the-year-through affair. It’s held between November of one year and March of the next. It’s not to be missed! And it doesn’t close up by 5 – it starts at that time actually.



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