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Happy Thanksgiving – India Celebrating For? November 24, 2011

Posted by Jeena in Bangalore, Behaviors, Food.
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Now my sketchy knowledge of history dictates that Thanksgiving is a purely US affair. Thanking the forefathers, etc etc dating back to the 17th century. All you guys in US, enjoy the day and food.

So why is India celebrating Thanksgiving? Why is Radio Indigo asking Bangaloreans whether they are celebrating Thanksgiving? Don’t we already have enough festivals across the diverse population making up this City?

I can understand restaurants and hotels marketing this occasion to get Americans and NRI’s/ US returnees to stuff themselves with Turkey. Old times’ sake and nostalgia. But I must simply shake my head at the RJ Melodee’s blooper on radio. “How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?” HUH? DUH?

Having said that, which restaurant vouchers were you giving away? You know, the place where I could get the stuffed turkey – just slice me a spicy version of the original recipe 😛



1. Princess Laila - November 24, 2011

Here in the UK we don’t celebrate it or acknowledge it either… but some do try to capitalize on it… terrible 😛

2. Brenda K - December 13, 2011

OMG!! In India?! For real??? Now that really is ridiculous…reminds me of the Japanese marketing spin on Christmas: they sell these white cakes with strawberries everywhere (a French friend and I were discussing those things one time, and neither of us have any idea where that particular design came from???), and couples are supposed to go out and spend a ton of money on a fancy dinner and staying in a hotel. No wonder Chi can’t understand why I want to at least try to participate in my own culture sometimes, since these holidays are so bizarrely exploited in his. (and Japan has no shortage of their own traditional holidays and festivals, for that matter….)

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