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Mischief in the summer April 9, 2013

Posted by Jeena in Behaviors.

We got ourselves some lovely plants – both flowering and non-flowering. Sitting out on the balcony is more pleasurable if you can ignore the buzzing mossies! Guess who else also loves flowers? The bloody monkeys too!

Yes, you don’t need to reread that sentence. We’ve got a big (and expanding) family of monkeys. They’ve managed to mutilate the red lilies and white flower plants. I’m not sure whether we’ve encroached their habitat or whether they decided to adopt our premises. The head guy doesn’t say much, and neither do the other members in their family. There is a lot of baring of surprisingly healthy and white teeth.

They know how to open the sliding windows if any of them are not locked correctly. They happily get into the bathrooms and take a shower, cooling themselves from this summer heat. Strangely, they don’t appear to do any rain dances in the 2 or 3 occasions the skies attempted to break this drought.

The adults are not so bad. It’s the almost-adult babies that cause grief. Now, why am I surprised. Ask any mother in the homo sapiens. It’s a universal phenomenon



1. Brenda K - April 9, 2013

Oh…India! Peacocks. Monkeys. Goats. Dogs. EVERYWHERE! LOL 😀 At least at our place the homo sapiens who kept making a mess of my garden stopped invading (for the most part!) after I finally got fed up enough to fence it off. Thankfully they don’t break into our house to borrow the shower 😉

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