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Jeena & Jeeney

Strange that when it comes to talking about me, I don’t have any words. Giving it a shot here.

I am married, living with my husband in Bangalore, India. Bangalore implies IT and I belong to that crowd. I read a lot of fiction and that features in my blogs. My black female lab lived with us for a short period and a lot of my earlier posts feature her – in fact, that’s why she’s got a Category and Page all to herself.

If you are wondering about ‘Jeeney’, that’s how I am called: Jeeney (jeen-aye). In fact all Mallus (those that hail from Kerala, India) add the ‘ey’ to names. eg Abhi-ey, Sangi-ey, Jazz-ey, etc.

After I started blogging, I discovered a lot of interesting people on the blogosphere (have I got that right?). Authors, Mommies (got to love these women), teenagers… I am quickly discovering that I am out of touch with technology too 😀

I started blogging to try out my writing skills. I’ve started Mitzy’s Friend (check out the page) with a plot in mind, but writing is hard work. It is still in progress!

Once again, leave comments behind and rate these posts too! I am human and enjoy reading your comments on the post – they are usually more entertaining than the posts themselves 😉



1. Abhi - November 26, 2009

Did you find out recently that putting the name in the blog or writing something about somebody is the best way to get the comments from them?

suholla - December 22, 2009

It works Abhi! You have been putting comments since then 😉

2. Ameena - January 7, 2010

Hi there! Thank you for all your nice comments…I am sure that Jane Green is available. I also love all the Indian authors that have come up with great fiction in the last decade or so. Monica Ali, Jhumpa Lahiri, etc. Do you like that genre as well?

Jeena - January 8, 2010

I tried Monica Ali’s Brick Lane in my late teens but never got hooked to her. Jhumpa Lahiri – YES – Loved her Unaccustomed Earth!! Check out my earlier posts on Indian Authors

3. Brenda K - January 14, 2010

Hi there Jeeney,

Thank you so much for finding me! I really enjoyed reading your blog, so much so that I spent all the time I was supposed to be updating my zillion websites for my band the other evening reading your posts instead.

I spent about a month in India many years ago and especially enjoyed Kerala. I was only in Bangalore for one night though. It was when I was a broke college student, and I went to southern India by myself during the monsoon season with no coherent plan. Not the smartest thing, but the memories will last a lifetime. I hope to go back someday, especially since now DH and I have in-laws from India (Punjab).

Jeena - January 14, 2010

Hi there Brenda,
Thank you for following me back. And also adding me up on Facebook. Thank you for going through the posts! But stop procrastinating updating your sites – your fans will be looking out for them

4. willowbatel - March 12, 2010

Completely random, but I’m your 1,888th view. I’m very excited about that, even if you’re not lol.

Jeena - March 12, 2010

Thanks!! And it’s now 90 short of 2000!

5. 25BAR - April 8, 2010

Nice to meet you!

Jeena - April 10, 2010

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

6. AP - April 16, 2010

Hey… visiting after a while! You are going places in blogosphere! 🙂 Way to go!

7. Nooruddin Jalal - August 5, 2011

Just stumbled upon your blog, it’s absolutely lovely.

8. adil lahorei - June 24, 2013

Awesome blog like it

9. Lagunatic - February 10, 2015

Hi! I saw that you requested entry to my old blog. Sadly, I shut it down. With school aged kids my out-of-the-box voice could have unintended effects on their lives. Since everything online is immortal, I decided, for their sakes, maybe I needed to restructure. I miss it, and the interaction with great people like you. Hope you’re well!

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