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Colder and colder November 1, 2012

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Last evening, walking back home from the point where the cab had dropped us, you’d hardly believe this was Bangalore. The incessant showers, the cold, the winds were all reminiscent of cold, wet and miserable London.

Sandy is causing misery in the East Coast. But the cyclone hitting the south coast of India is making sure that her presence is felt too. The days are shorter and colder. The only place of warmth in the house is beneath the sheet or the kitchen when something’s on the stove.

It’s also obvious that the laundry needs to wait for the next sunny day if they need to drip dry. The electricity keeps going on and off so all the gizmos with batteries need recharging. Here’s to wet days ahead and no evening walks!


Am I not pretty? December 31, 2011

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She was standing next to the car, in the shade when we got back to the parked car….

Green is beautiful July 24, 2011

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Looking out through the windows of the plane while landing in Trivandrum, the landscape is such a contrast to Bangalore with its concrete jungle and farm lands. There is a feeling of coming home, an unexplained hum in the heart of returning to one’s own people.


Earth Hour 2010 March 24, 2010

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60 minutes of darkness

Earth Hour 2010 will be held on Saturday, 27 March 2010, between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm. Apparently, many MNC’s are planning to switch off their lights for Earth Hour.

This year, the world’s largest buildings in Dubai, Toronto and Taiwan (that’s in Asia you ignoramuses!) will be going dark for an hour to show their commitment to the environment. Of course conditions apply. Servers and PC’s required for non-stop services can not be shut down. Considering that huge conglomerates and corporations have a lot of offices with lights burning after everyone has left for the night, this effort should save lots of electricity, reducing carbon emissions.

ANZ is also joining this event for the 4th successive year and this organization sure is putting in a lot of effort to show its commitment to the environment.

But don’t y’all know? We do celebrate more than one hour without electricity. It’s called power cuts a.k.a load shedding. More power to the heat and the mossies during those horrid periods be it day or night. But pollution picks up courtesy of diesel generators in commercial establishments. 😦

Adopt or plant one, it’s still hot March 5, 2010

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There are many initiatives from NGO’s, Nat Geo, and other environment friendly groups to adopt a tree or plant one to be more green, to save the planet. But the heat is unbearable on a March afternoon in Bangalore. Is it that the trees are not growing, or ignoramuses are using the sapling for firewood or are trees cleared faster than they are planted?

Three and a half years back, the trees lining either side of Cox Town in Bangalore were axed to make way for the flyover – that’s been opened to the public this week. Another year later (so couple more years ago) I see the axed tree stumps of CMH Road to make way for the Metro rail.  Now, as part of a road widening effort, the trees lining one side leading to the Forum Mall have been removed. These are the sights I have seen, but there must endless other similar efforts in other parts of the city/state/country/ world. And we wonder why the city/ world is growing hotter each year.

The Britishers from pre-Independence wouldn’t recognize the so-called ‘Garden City’. I came to this city about seven years ago and it has grown on me. Where are the frangipanis? Where are the gulmohars?

I bet the Corporation workers would prefer rubbish to falling leaves and flowers but they are the bunch that are affected the most.

So more trees mean more cooling. More cooling implies lesser usage of electricity for coolers/air conditioners/fans (except certain people who can’t go to sleep without listening to the lullaby of an a/c or fan blades). Lesser usage of electricity would lead to lesser deficit/shortage of electricity generated. Lesser shortage would mean continuous supply of electricity to the consumer. The consumer benefits.

Now which part of that cycle (it did come back to the user) is difficult or complex to understand. Let’s plant some more trees – they were here first before we were put on Earth by the almighty. As a start, will all women and gentlemen NOT forget to switch off geysers/microwave ovens/ other appliance, bulbs/ tube lights if they are not being used? Think of the current bill you are saving! Well, if you don’t like saving you could use that money on a new wardrobe!

Disclaimer: all references to people I know are purely intentional 😀

Out with the old, In with the new January 3, 2010

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The last few days of 2009 and the first few days of 2010 have been crazy in a nice way. Does this set the tone for the new year?

25th December

I sent out DH to buy some stuff for the Christmas lunch. He gets back and tells me that while he was at the shop, the traffic cops arrived and started to tow off his motorcycle. After some discussion involving the cops getting a ‘Christmas Present’ , my order got home.

27th December

Robby and Anu called asking whether we’d be interested in joining them for a movie. We said why not. Anu’s bro Ashley has got chicken pox (not a very nice end-of-year for him) and someone else dropped out. So there were two spare tickets. On the way, in order to get into the road leading to the theatre (which is one-way), we take one road and at the traffic light, are stopped by the traffic cops. This road is one-way too; another gift eases us out so we can get to the theatre on time. Nine arrives and goes and we are still stuck on the road outside trying to park in the theatre premises. We call up Robby and find out that they are right behind us! By the time we get into the theatre, movie is just about to begin. We settle down (first row, corner seats) and DH whispers ‘What movie are we watching? English, Hindi?’ It was Avatar, in 3D and absolutely stunning special effects. So glad we didn’t miss it.

3oth December

I get to office to hear that a Kannada film actor passed away from a heart attack. Oh God! Was he as popular as Raj Kumar who passed away more than 3 years back bringing the entire city brought to a standstill for 3 days with rioting on the streets, old Kannada film songs from Raj Kumar’s era on the English radio station, only Kannada channels available on TV and shops closed? My Kannadiga colleagues confirm he has a fan following but not that much a demi-god. Around 1 pm Sangy pings that there is rioting on the streets, stone throwing all covered on the TV. At around 2, we get a mail to leave by 3pm. The funeral’s schedule around 5pm – so folks living in those areas where there will be a procession have to be in the house safely by then. We get home early; most of the shops are closed with groceries at home sufficient to tide us over for one day.

31st December

The next day is fine and we report back to office. Newspapers are filled with stories vandals have caused using Vishnuvardhan’s death for an excuse. The guy was 60 years old and died naturally – what’s the big deal. I wonder who’s next. End of day, only a few remain in office. Many have taken the day off or gone to catch the train to take them to their hometown for the long weekend. Once I get home, I replenish the groceries and veggies stock for home. It’s going to be a quiet evening this New Year’s Eve. While we are watching the programs on TV, Jean calls asking whether we’d be interested in catching the movie 3 Idiots the next day. Why not? Wished each other and a bunch of others when midnight arrived.

1st January 2010

The movie is scheduled to begin at 7pm. We set out at 6.30 pm and reach there at 7 on the dot. Parking is a hassle once again but we manage and get to the waiting couple Jeeth, Sweety and their son Chippu. The last show isn’t over, so they are waiting. That’s two movies in a row that we haven’t missed the first 10 minutes. That’s a good track record – will it be consistent this year?

Copenhagen Matters December 6, 2009

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Global warming is a hot topic among the heads of the nations. Rather, it’s a serious issue in Europe and USA. When I visited the Science Museum on a weekday, there were stampeding school kids. One of the exhibitions in between the Genetically Mutated corn and the iMAX counter was this video about proving how Copenhagen matters.


Video is courtesy of a unknown guy I found on the internet. But what I found interesting is an article by a journalist who says that this exhibition at the Science Museum would affect the Copenhagen meet rather than assist it. Visitors have the option to say ‘Aye’ or ‘Nah’ and apparently the Nah’s are more!

But isn’t it upto each individual to make a difference to the planet? The heads of state bring out the policies, and make it official but who enforces it? It boils right down to each of us to become responsible. Collectively we can make a difference and it’s been seen before.

– Recycle carry bags – use existing ones instead of obtaining a new one.
– Avoid obtaining new plastics as much as possible
– Turn out the lights when you do not use them
– If you’ve got a backyard, use your degradeable waste in your garden
– Use less printouts; use less paper
– Do not use vehicles for small walkable distances
– Recycle paper, metals and plastics as much as possible
– And last, do not use your helicopters/private jets more than necessary 😀

Respect the environment and do not pollute it! What is so difficult to understand here?

If one fancies going extinct instead of making other species extinct, please go along and be my guest. People like me with asthma, and other health issues would rather move along to the next world!

My actions count November 2, 2009

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There is enormous waste everywhere! Especially when it is free!

If one goes to the restroom (or washroom) in office or in an up and up restaurant, almost everyone washes their hands. So how many tissues does one use to wipe one’s hands? How efficiently does one use that soon-to-be-disposed rectangular piece of paper?

A good shake of the hands in the washbasin and then one and only one tissue is required. Wipe your hands until the entire piece is soggy then use another sheet of tissue. Else use the hand dryer. It pains me to see colleagues who in blatant ignorant bliss pull three of four tissues to dry their hands and dump the hugely dry mass of crumpled paper in the bin. Free-loaders!! Everyone of ’em! Think of the environment they are polluting; be it the trees cut down to generate that tissue or the environment where all this garbage is either dumped or the machinery which churns to recycle!

Find different means to save the planet! It does matter – each action of ours! Each drop from a dripping tap counts. The engine left running or the switch turned on in a room without any occupant – these actions count. What is the point of leaders bringing in policies or attending summits when each of us has one’s responsibilities?

All our actions have consequences. We realize it on familial ties. Let’s begin realizing it when it comes to our environment!

Born free, born wild October 26, 2009

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I was born in the wild after being in my mother’s womb for more than three months. I couldn’t see the world as a babe though my mom ensured that I was kept hidden from predators. I ate well and so did my sibling, mainly because my mom ensured that she fed us, wandering away only every few days to feed and nourish herself.

A couple of weeks after I was born, I could see the world and I saw my brother for the first time. We were but babes and never realized that our mom kept others of our species away by roaring at them. The roars only frightened us. Sometimes, she’d pick us by the scruff and move us away to a safer place – it was an adventure.

When we were more than a couple of months old, we started exploring and eating whatever was in our way. Mostly, we’d be smacked by mom if we tasted taboo stuff. We depended on mom for feeding until we grew bigger. When my brother and I weren’t playing, mom was teaching us stuff about hunting prey. Even then, we’d wait for her to catch a deer or an antelope for dinner.

Our days passed and we grew from playful cubs into adults that our mom was proud of. We never saw our dad around but from the roars in the vicinity, we guessed that there were others of our species in other marked off areas. Sometimes the roars of our species turned into pained whines. That’s when mom’s eyes would become sad. That’s another of our species being poached for our beautiful skin dears, she’d tell us mournfully.

I am a beautiful creature of the wild and around the world there are eight kinds of us. The children around the world learn the English alphabet and don’t miss me: ‘T’ for Tiger. Our kind have featured in many ancient folklore and mythology. Three of our species have become extinct in the last century. Our species in India are numbered. 

We don’t live in the wild for more than 10 years. Encroachment by humans has vastly reduced my habitat. Allow me and my kind to live free and be wild.