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A whiff of wine November 24, 2012

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It looks like the printer at work is possessed – among other problems including paper jams. It seemes to think that the user wants about 6 copies of everything he/she prints. That’s how 6 copies of a colleague’s compilation of home-made wine recipes were churned out and I got one copy. Funny, how she hasn’t made a start on it. 😛

Last Saturday, I bottled about 4 litres of beetroot wine. I’ve got another week to go before it’s ready though. Today, I was checking up on the bottles stored in a ‘cool, dark’ place. The daily help saw me moving the storage bins of atta and rice. She asked me what’s the smell and I tried explaining. Apparently, every morning she comes in, she gets this smell. So she attempts to follow the smell and hunts in unlikely places for any ‘bottles’ we may have forgotten. She’s quite happy to find out that there isn’t anything decaying under her nose 😀

Funny how we don’t get any smells. Hmmmm

The ginger is chopped and ready for some home-made ginger wine. I just need to get either the citric acid crystals or some juice & zest of lime. Do I need to boil the ginger for 5 mins or 20 mins or 1 hour? Everyone’s got a different opinion on the ‘world wide web’ (Transformers style). When I diligently followed the beetroot wine recipe, they lied about the prep & cooking time. It took about 3 – 4 hours! 2 litres of water gave me 4 litres because I squeezed the pulp after boiling for 20 mins. 😦


Too much October 29, 2012

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Some folks just wait for the weekends to get out and do something. The week days at work is for recharging. It is the other way around for me.

When the weekend comes, I prefer to be a couch potato with a good book. Recently, the stomach seems to need some grub with the book. That makes me mentally go through my pantry to quickly make something.

This has led to a 2 minute microwave chocolate in-a-mug cake, a sponge cake accidentally made with corn flour, a sponge cake with all the right ingredients in varying quantities, couple of non-veg dishes. Last weekend I became too ambitious.

When Sunday rolled around, I had chicken samosas or cutlets on my mind. My body told me to rest though. It was worn out after the weekend chores.

The minced chicken awaits me in the freezer. For the next day off. So that tea time is not the only snack time. 😀

Dark Fantasy October 28, 2012

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Sunfeast has a new range going on called the Dark Fantasy. I’m hooked, thankfully to a difficult-to-get variety in their range. At the end of the day, when I crave something for the sweet tooth, the chocolate filled biscuit comes to my mind immediately.

On Friday night, the shop nearby didn’t have the kind I needed. The kids cleaned out the stock, I guess. They have an ESP for these things! 😀 Saturday night, the same craving, and DH checked out another shop and got one! The box comes with six wrapped chocolate filled biscuits that are soon demolished by yours truly. It goes well with a good book too!

The ads don’t inspire one to head to the shops. There are too many oreo look alikes in the market. I’m a sucker for chocolate filled biscuits, what can I say.

An eagerly awaited Easter March 27, 2012

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DH and I are strict non-vegetarians. We need seafood or meat for our meals – all three, if possible. If we run out of fish in our freezer, we order chicken or pork for home delivery!

My parents never observed the lent while I was living with them – it wasn’t part of our religious belief. I’ve admired a friend of mine who went veggie for a year and remember thinking that I wouldn’t be able to last 10 days!

There wasn’t a conscious decision to observe this year’s lent. A mate at work said she’d gone veg from the Sunday and it led to a discussion about fasting formally beginning on Ash Wednesday. A suggestion to DH clinched it when he said he’d go veggie with me!

DH’s support lasted for about 20 to 25 days but those initial days would have been tough for me otherwise. DH lost 5 kgs in 2 weeks. The vegetarian fare didn’t hold his interest and the portions reduced even though I’ve tried to be creative in some of the dishes. Sadly, my weight has remained constant but that would be because of the choco bars and the cadburys that seem to find a way into my stomach when the craving for meat hits a peak.

One would think that the images of burgers or grilled chicken leg from KFC would go away after the initial period. Unfortunately, the temptation comes when I least expect them. The weekends are the worst. Needless to say, other “non-fasters” have found multiple occasions to celebrate by dining out and I’ve had to pass chicken stews, fish cutlets, prawn curry, grilled meat, etc.

There are only 11 more days to go! It’s 35 days over!! WOW!! Thank you Lord!

A recipe that refuses to go right January 26, 2012

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It’s an Indian snack that isn’t a complicated recipe. There are mixes aplenty in the supermarkets from MTR and other brands. But I figure that making food from the basic ingredients is healthier than the mixes – especially when there is a lot of negative publicity these days in the media about adulteration of many foodstuffs.

The dhokla is a healthy snack – it’s cooked by steaming in a pressure cooker or a steamer. The first time I tried it, (more…)

A short fun ride in a 3-wheeler … make that 2 December 15, 2011

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There was a farewell lunch at work. The restaurant was only 1.5 km away but we were already weak with hunger. The rickshaws were ready to come for an exorbitant charge and there were 5 of us women, so we would need 2. One chap agreed to take us the short distance for a fair amount. Then he noticed the other two women with us waiting for another rick. Smartly (at the time), he offered his vehicle to ferry all five of us for the cost of taking 2 autos!


Happy Thanksgiving – India Celebrating For? November 24, 2011

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Now my sketchy knowledge of history dictates that Thanksgiving is a purely US affair. Thanking the forefathers, etc etc dating back to the 17th century. All you guys in US, enjoy the day and food.

So why is India celebrating Thanksgiving? Why is Radio Indigo asking Bangaloreans whether they are celebrating Thanksgiving? Don’t we already have enough festivals across the diverse population making up this City?

I can understand restaurants and hotels marketing this occasion to get Americans and NRI’s/ US returnees to stuff themselves with Turkey. Old times’ sake and nostalgia. But I must simply shake my head at the RJ Melodee’s blooper on radio. “How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?” HUH? DUH?

Having said that, which restaurant vouchers were you giving away? You know, the place where I could get the stuffed turkey – just slice me a spicy version of the original recipe 😛

I’ve turned out a Bengali fish curry!!! YAY!! November 23, 2011

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It’s a Wednesday evening after work. There is nothing planned for dinner. There’s fish in the freezer and an (un)interesting option of turning out a coconut curry variation of a Malayali’s fish curry. I’m thinking of asking DH to order takeaway – the easiest choice for a lazy idjit like me.

I remember in time that (more…)

Aussie Diaries: Wednesday Night Market March 26, 2011

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Queen Victoria Market has a lot of fresh produce. I would go there to get veggies, fruits, meat and fish – in that particular order. It’s a nice place to kill a few hours especially if you are a tourist or don’t belong to suburbia.

Michelle kept telling me to visit either the St.Kilda market or the QV Wednesday night market. If you are an Aussie or (more…)

All about calories August 21, 2010

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I decided to hit the gym today morning. The short walk between home and work is not going to burn much calories. Especially when dinner is what I put together. Besides, I swear the fat in my thighs have just solidified in this weather. Newer additions to the frozen cellulite will be welcomed and taught to solidify more!

I met the lovely trainer Sarah (Yes, she’s good looking, tall and slim!), who pointed me in the direction of the treadmill, (more…)