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Evernote is hot!!! March 10, 2012

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I read somewhere that Google Trends show that searches for Meryl Streep is at an all time high. I can vouch for that looking at the search criteria hitting my blog. Congratulations to one of my favourite stars for getting that Oscar. She even featured on our quiz at work on International Women’s Day!! I’d like to inform that according to my WP Stats, Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz in Bandidas is another popular search ūüôā

I have no idea how I lived without Evernote. Quite a few people recommended it and the procrastination was all about installing the software on my smart phone. Now, everything goes there except the 2 page long to-do list from work. The only reason that hasn’t gone online is I distrust the internet for work stuff being public even if they are generic and not at all confidential. They are more reminders than anything else. I discovered that I can just mail stuff to my Evernote and things have become so easy.

It’s one of those things that is easy at first as long as you don’t clutter up your profile. That’s the good thing about tagging then. I can always go to the tags if I can’t remember the topic. A de-stressing activity of mine at work is to trawl through food blogs. This being the lent season, it’s mostly veggie dishes to keep the palate satisfied. I love it that I can email the link of the blogs I liked to Evernote.

Once I am back home and if I feel creative, I can just go online on my smart phone and browse away, pottering around with the pans and pots ūüėÄ


A little traffic doesn’t hurt December 11, 2011

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Recently, the traffic contributed by search engines on this blog has been high. People are very interested in hot pics of Meryl Streep! Not just any pics either – from Mamma Mia! too. It’s a normal occurrence to get weird search criteria. For instance, DH got a Chinese search hit at work for his product developed for English users! His work mates (more…)

What have I missed? July 12, 2010

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The essay topic for my ‘O’ Levels 18 years back was you’ve got a grandmother and relatives elsewhere. How do you communicate with them?¬†

Obviously, it was a question of different modes of communication. At the time, my little brain churned out the snail mail (of, course it wasn’t called that at the time), telephone and fax (did you remember to write down fax, asked my father at the time). (more…)

More about downtime June 30, 2010

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Recently, WP came under much flak when they had a downtime. Of course, a million bloggers were inconvenienced but that is nothing compared to when the bank has a downtime.

There is a lot of competition among the banks to generate more revenue, get more customers, sell more products Рthere is a constant competition to have an edge over the other. They have to be creative all the time, to keep their place among the top five or ten and to prevent smaller banks becoming a leader overnight.

When a mainframe disk went bad, affecting the call centers, branches, ATM’s, POS’s, internet banking, etc, the media gave a bank a lot of bad publicity. Banking is based¬†on reputation and one bad word is enough to affect their business. Like a pack of cards, this can have a cascading effect on the unseen employees providing the technology and support for all the multiple interfaces and systems behind the bank’s operations.

Recently, when the systems went down, everyone at work panicked. The media on one hand, millions of dollars worth of transactions on the other. Transactions in progress that are lost are a nightmare to recover or track!

The issue wasn’t a software problem. The mainframe servers just had to be¬†switched on and off. Apparently, this ought to be done every 7 or 10 years. Someone had obviously forgotten and the¬†servers were just letting¬†everyone know it was time for a reset.

Imagine your fridge or TV running non-stop for 10 years. You’d probably have to replace them multiple times in that period. But mainframes are more long-lasting¬†– requires only¬†a switch be flicked once every few years.

This incident took some of the old-timers down memory lane.¬†A guy from the cleaning department was¬†vacuuming the office area. He reached the room housing the mainframe servers. There wasn’t a free electric socket for his vacuum cleaner. So he pulled out a plug and plugged in his vacuum cleaner. Little did he know that the applications and systems running on those mainframe servers were brought¬†to a screeching halt. He probably continued listening to his Walkman¬†– this is the pre-ipod/ pre-iphone/ pre-apple era!

When memory fails June 28, 2010

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I don’t recall when this trait developed, but I noticed I couldn’t remember names a few years back. I’d meet someone and ask what their name is. Ask me later, I wouldn’t remember what it was. It would be a simple name too, nothing complex like Milevahanam (more…)

May the god of blogs breathe fire on you January 18, 2010

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… you, you whoever you are for releasing a malware/spyware that’s killed a lot of applications on the laptop. It can only be through this place coz no other websites were open.

As I have received, may you also be cursed – whoever you are!

I’ve come across this blog which perfectly describes what happened.¬†I am not recommending what this blogger is recommending.


Fortunately, we haven’t clicked on the purchase button. Beware of crooks!

Up, up and away December 11, 2009

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The first flight I remember was when I was 7. Every 2 years we’d go to India from Nigeria – via Cairo or Adis Ababa or London and it would take a number of days and multiple legs/ claiming baggage/ security checks. Well, that’s not what I want to talk here. My brother and I would fight for the window seat – takeoff and landing were fascinating. And looking out staring at the clouds, I’d imagine castles, dragons, people. I’d also wonder how the heck the pilot knew where he was going – I hadn’t learnt about the compass.

And in the 80’s and early 90’s, there would be an in-flight magazine that listed out the movies played on the big screen on their fleet that month. They’d play only one movie on one leg which could be heard with the headphones, plugged into the hand rest.

But the in-flight entertainment has changed in a big way. Gone is the big screen common to all passengers. Emirates has got a monitor for each passenger, and a huge choice from English, Arabic, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, animation, etc. Malaysian Airlines has a similar but lesser selection. You can watch anything! If not movies, then you have a wide variety of songs. Kids get goody bags with color pencils or soft toys. If you’ve got a baby, there’s a bassinet to rest your arms during the flight.

Of course, kids will be kids – I found my seat being kicked by a restless feller on the recent trip.

Copenhagen Matters December 6, 2009

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Global warming is a hot topic among the heads of the nations. Rather, it’s a serious issue in Europe and USA. When I visited the Science Museum on a weekday, there were stampeding school kids. One of the exhibitions in between the Genetically Mutated corn and the iMAX counter was this video about proving how Copenhagen matters.


Video is courtesy of a unknown guy I found on the internet. But what I found interesting is an article by a journalist who says that this exhibition at the Science Museum would affect the Copenhagen meet rather than assist it. Visitors have the option to say ‘Aye’ or ‘Nah’ and apparently the Nah’s are more!

But isn’t it upto each individual to make a difference to the planet? The heads of state bring out the policies, and make it official but who enforces it? It boils right down to each of us to become responsible. Collectively we can make a difference and it’s been seen before.

– Recycle carry bags – use existing ones instead of obtaining a new one.
– Avoid obtaining new plastics as much as possible
– Turn out the lights when you do not use them
– If you’ve got a backyard, use your degradeable waste in your garden
– Use less printouts; use less paper
– Do not use vehicles for small walkable distances
– Recycle paper, metals and plastics as much as possible
– And last, do not use your helicopters/private jets¬†more than¬†necessary ūüėÄ

Respect the environment and do not pollute it! What is so difficult to understand here?

If one fancies going extinct instead of making other species extinct, please go along and be my guest. People like me with asthma, and other health issues would rather move along to the next world!

The day I was born…10643 days ago August 23, 2009

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I know where I was born – Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria. I know which date I was born – 3rd July.

But I have never wondered what kind of day it was – was it humid or hot, raining or cloudy. What I don’t know is it would be the anniversary of any particular event. I know from my limited knowledge, that I was born one day prior to the Independence Day of U.S.A. I also know¬† that it’s a Christian holiday –¬† St.Thomas Day – in certain Christian sects. Tom Cruise (used to be a fav of mine) and I share the same DOB.

However, imagine my surprise stumbling on this search engine: http://www.wolframalpha.com¬†where upon entering my date, year and place of birth, I get a whole bunch of graphs, the temperature, and other info I wasn’t looking for.

A computational genius – whoever is behind the creation of this search engine. And different searches do not give the same kind of details. It’s a site to be delved into depending on one’s degree of interest. Thanks to my husband who introduced this to me.

In case you were wondering, notable events of July 3, 1980:

End of Battle of Gettysburg (1863): 117th anniversary


Wyoming Valley Massacre (1778): 202nd anniversary


George Washington takes formal command of the Continental Army (1775): 205th anniversary


Birth of Tom Cruise (actor) (1962): 18th anniversary


Birth of Franz Kafka (novelist) (1883): 97th anniversary

Mind boggling… the number of days I have been placed on Earth. I think I have spent more than half of that period sleeping away! LOL.