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Last year February 11, 2015

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Our latest addition to the family was due in another 2 months last year around this time. A pea sized object whose heart beat we’d been monitoring every week had grown bigger and appeared to weigh approximately 2 kg. There were hands, legs, eyes, nose, ears, hair….  a miracle of creation. 

The anxiety of the first trimester, the relaxed second trimester and I was well into the tiredness of the third. All that is now a fading memory. If I don’t pen down some key moments, I fear that I will not remember the pains DH took to keep me hydrated, prevent me from falling sick, making sure my legs were horizontal, watching over me like a mama hawk.

I started feeling hot around this time. The baby was breached but lots of time to turn around. I wanted a normal delivery and wanted to turn bubs around. Dr S suggested squats and carefully DH supervised them, supporting my back making sure I didn’t injure my knees. Looking back, sure I went through the changes, hormonal lows, aches and pains; but DH was there throughout the journey. Next scan showed the head was down! Those squats sure do work.

Cousins of DH landed at our home, in transit to Mauritius for their honeymoon. I was waddling by then. I wanted to travel somewhere too. Little did I know that it would be another year before I went out anywhere.

At night, I was sleeping less. In preparation for the nights to come you would say. But it was in no way a preparation for the lack of sleep in the months to come.

Looking at the cute babies around you, don’t be deceived if you don’t have any and think of having one. It is bloody hard work! A volatile person like me wouldn’t have believed the oodles of patience this full time job requires!


A long weekend’s ramblings April 23, 2011

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I look forward to long weekends a lot. Not because of any exciting planned getaways or vacations – it just reduces the work week by a day or two. It may be a carry over from the school days. Nothing thrilled us like an unexpected school holiday. A strike called by a student body or the death of an ex-Prime Minister/ Chief Minister or even an old President were cause for an unexpected holiday.

Coming back to the present, (more…)

Coffee table trivia in back to school mode May 21, 2010

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I’m ashamed of myself. I have forgotten all these things I studied 15 years ago! They are basic and I have answered them correctly long back. Especially, most of the Chemistry questions. All questions courtesy of Besaw. How many can you get right?

Q. What colour does acid turn Litmus paper? (more…)

WP’s surprise surprise … what it actually is May 5, 2010

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I’ve talked about WP’s surprise me feature. I got a few comments asking me to put up what I saw. I have taken a screen print of another video that ‘surprised me’. (more…)

Have you done these too? April 28, 2010

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It was study time. My brother who always ensured the study table and shelves are tidy was studying in the dining room because we just had a big row. Our parents separated us so we wouldn’t cause more mischief. I had a comic I’d (more…)

WP’s surprise surprise April 26, 2010

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WordPress users will probably have enabled the ‘surprise me’ feature. In the discussion everyone wanted to know what the surprise is. WP author wasn’t revealing it though!

A week has passed since I enabled it and stopped thinking about it. I got ‘surprised’ yesterday! I nearly tumbled out of (more…)

Series of firsts April 25, 2010

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First Mobile Phone – Nokia’s CDMA model for Reliance

Year I got a mobile/ cell phone – January 2004

First CD I bought – I can’t remember

First CD I listened to – Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson in 1993

Earliest memory of Sylvestor (more…)

Happy Easter everybody… April 4, 2010

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I have been away for a few days and not been looking at my stats! That’s a first when I’ve been on holidays, I tell you! 😀

So those of you who have been busy putting up new posts, I am coming your way shortly! Thank you to those (more…)

Mitzy’s friends … the next part January 14, 2010

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If you are stumbling on this blog for the first time, please read previous post to make sense of this one. Damn, Zuella and Willow put some pressure on me. Mitzy’s Friends continues.

Standing next to Suzie was a young female apparition. Sera didn’t know whether to faint or to scream. Or run to her  daughter and protect her. The apparition sensed Sera and disappeared. Then appeared. Suzie seemed oblivious to her mom’s panic and horror. But she must have heard some strangled gasp to turn around and look in her mom’s direction.

Then turned and looked at the apparition.

Ok, I am not imagining this, thought Sera hysterically, my daughter can also see it.

Small girl – found dead. Mother’s whereabouts unknown – neighbors didn’t realize small girl was locked up and abandoned. All these statements filtered into Sera’s mind from her sub-conscious. Words the real estate agent had inserted in between marketing the house.

What the hell was I doing. Not listening to that fellow. Thoughts were racing around. We’ve got to leave now. Oh my God, oh my God.

No, you are not Sera. The words came out of the little girl apparition. My name’s Mitzy. Suzie and you don’t have to leave. I’ve been on my own for a long time.

“That smell! It was you!” Sera couldn’t help exclaiming.

“See, I told you to take a bath.” Suzie was explaining to Mitzy, the ghost. “Mommy says that all little girls should be clean always.”

Sera bemusedly looked at her little daughter explaining cleanliness to a ghost. What am I going to do? I don’t even believe in ghosts.

A different smell assailed Sera. Dinner! Burning! Sera ran to the kitchen and turned off the stove. She sank back against the counter and tried to think about what to do.

A ghost wasn’t a good companion for little Suzie. A haunted house wasn’t an ideal living place. As if she didn’t have enough problems on her hand, now there was a ghost too.

Mitzy’s friends January 14, 2010

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Sera and her daughter, Suzie, moved to the small but adequate house near Sera’s workplace. The house was small compared to the one they’d been living in when David was alive. Sera sighed when the last box was unpacked and looked up to check up on Suzie. The 7 year old was tidying up her toys and arranging her dolls, humming tunelessly.

Surprisingly, the house was sold at a rate much less than the going rate in that area. The garden was slightly neglected but a good landscaper would be able to put that right. There were neighbors around and Sera could hear their kids’ laughter.

Sera sat back and viewed the interiors satisfied with everything. She missed David then and inhaled deeply to ease the familiar pain. She let out her breathe and then sniffed the air delicately. What was that smell?  It must be from the house being on the market for quite long. She decided to open all the windows the next day and air the house properly.

After dinner and a storytelling, Suzie fell asleep. After reading for sometime, Sera also dozed off cuddling her daughter.

Suzie was crying in her sleep. Sera woke up and half-asleep patted her back to sleep. A cold chill was in the room and that smell again.

Next morning was a rush. Breakfast, dropping off Suzie at the creche. The entire day flew by at work, meeting clients, attending meetings. At 5, Sera left for home and picked up Suzie from the creche. When they got home, once the door opened, the smell hit them again! It was stronger than before.

Suzie didn’t seem to be affected by the open-sewage-infested-by-dead-rats smell. Stepping into the house, the temperature dipped – making her pick up a cardigan as soon as possible. And opened all the windows to get rid of that smell. As Sera started dinner, she could hear Suzie moving around, alternating between murmuring and humming a tune. Sera went to talk to her daughter and was about to call her name, but stopped aghast at the sight she saw.