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Colder and colder November 1, 2012

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Last evening, walking back home from the point where the cab had dropped us, you’d hardly believe this was Bangalore. The incessant showers, the cold, the winds were all reminiscent of cold, wet and miserable London.

Sandy is causing misery in the East Coast. But the cyclone hitting the south coast of India is making sure that her presence is felt too. The days are shorter and colder. The only place of warmth in the house is beneath the sheet or the kitchen when something’s on the stove.

It’s also obvious that the laundry needs to wait for the next sunny day if they need to drip dry. The electricity keeps going on and off so all the gizmos with batteries need recharging. Here’s to wet days ahead and no evening walks!


Ulta phulta December 29, 2009

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Ever had a conversation where you talked topsy turvy? Or done something topsy turvy?

Well, when I am shelling shrimps, the shell goes into the vessel and the cleaned shrimp into the waste. But isn’t it heights when Kurup puts the waste in the kitchen sink and proceeds to dump the plate in the dustbin?

Everyone knows that offering your credit card to the roadside panwala is no good – he accepts only cash. He doesn’t even have one of those posters saying ‘Visa, Maestro or Amex’ NOT accepted! Well, how about offering him your Sodexho POS card to swipe? It’d be amazing if you didn’t get the broader end of the broom!

There is this one anonymous guy who got 7K in his account this month and enjoyed a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Why, you may ask? That’s ‘coz a certain person stored his bank account number in his mobile incorrectly – just the last two digits (53 instead of 43). So when I did an online transfer earlier this month and he did a direct deposit couple of weeks later, Mr Kabade benefited by being the accountholder!

I wonder who this Kabade is – if he’s generous, according to banking regulations, and he agrees, then only can the transactions be reversed. I wonder how I’d behave if I were in Kabade’s shoes. Hmmmm

An auspicious malady November 17, 2009

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There is a superstition in our family. When you are going out for an exam or interview or traveling, once you have stepped outside the house, you should not go back in. It is not considered auspicious.

Today, we set out to the Bangalore VFS office to submit our visa applications and documents. We had appointments at 11.30 am. We step out of the house at 11.30. I slung my handbag on my shoulders, DH took the laptop bag.

“Where are the files with the passport and documents?” DH asks.

“Oops, they are still inside,” sez me. In he goes to get them and then locks the door behind him. In the late morning traffic, there wasn’t much trouble. But we still reached after 12. After finding a parking spot with some difficulty, we walk the rest of the way. That’s when I remember that bags (handbags or laptop bags) are not allowed inside. Back DH goes while I proceed to the VFS office. Later he joins me (yes, they allowed us in despite our tardiness), which is when I remember to look through my documents for the tourist category. Oops, my appointment letter to ANZ is not there. Do I panic now? It’s ok, assures DH.

At the counter, all goes well for DH for his busines visa application. Next is me. They ask for the appointment letter – despite my mentally crossed fingers. No leave letter from ANZ. Shoot. Ok, back we race home to get the missing offer letter from ANZ and get some more docos to prove that I have no intention of sticking around in that country longer than necessary.  On the way back n forth, I berate myself for not using the checklist I’d prepared.

So we are back before the deadline when they close up and then all goes good. Next it’s the fingerprinting. First the kind lady at the next counter sez: place your forefinger on the scanner. Which forefinger, left or right? I am baffled.

No ma’am. Except your thumb, the four fingers on your right hand. Ah! Light trickles in through that tunnel.

I place my four fingers. Press them with your left hand ma’am, the young lady requests again.

Damn, I don’t have fingerprints. She hands me some moisturizing lotion and I repeat the process. I drag my four fingers all over the scanner, until she finally got some lines. No issues with the left hand four fingers nor the thumbs on both hands. (Yea, I am lucky enough to have 10 fingers).

It’s the winter guys. They tend to strip the strata. And no, I am not contemplating robbery or criminal activities coz I won’t leave prints behind. That auspicious thing might just have some truth, eh? Let’s see what happens with the visa.

Can’t be left unsaid November 9, 2009

Posted by Jeena in Quotes.

Every so often some people make these one-liners (or sometimes more than one) that make sense; and if used in a scenario earns a roar of laughter from the audience. I have compiled a few of them and attempted to make these ordinary people popular!

A wrinkle-free shirt is one where the wrinkles are free along with the shirt! ~ Abhilash

By process of elimination, the culprit who left the burner on is the last person who left the apartment – Kurup! When asked about it, this is his response:

Which burner was left burning? Was it on the left? Then it wasn’t me – I only light the one on the right! Dah, I think there is a ghost in our apartment.

Holidays are like money; they are never enough! ~Jasmine

I used to go for walks in the evening with a scarf wrapped around my head, must have looked like a mugger! ~RT on the cold London weather.
Don’t be predictable and boring when you get angry. Get Shakespearian! It’s easy with this Shakespearian Insult Kit ~Becky Clark.
Thou beasty beef-witted barnacle! ~Jeena
Rumours have a way of being true, especially the bad ones! ~Jasmine again