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All about calories August 21, 2010

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I decided to hit the gym today morning. The short walk between home and work is not going to burn much calories. Especially when dinner is what I put together. Besides, I swear the fat in my thighs have just solidified in this weather. Newer additions to the frozen cellulite will be welcomed and taught to solidify more!

I met the lovely trainer Sarah (Yes, she’s good looking, tall and slim!), who pointed me in the direction of the treadmill, (more…)


…and a partridge on a pear tree December 26, 2009

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Another Christmas has come … and it’s not a forgettable one. DH got out the tree to decorate and then both of us hunted high and low for last year’s lights and decorations. All the dust disturbed, discovered the location of other stuff, but lights and decorations never revealed themselves from their hiding! It’s packed up properly and lying unknown somewhere – after our shifting the house earlier this year.

So we buy another set of lights and some more bells and beads to put up on the tree. DH haphazardly wound the lights on the tree. And the multi-colored bulbs looked good. Except, all the wire was exposed. Well, I don’t have the patience to do it neatly, says DH on hearing my observation.

I patiently unwound all the lights while Siya looked on interestedly. Only DH’s presence prevents her from latching onto those wires and playing ‘tug’. Lights are back on and the tree looks beautiful with the lights.

Christmas arrives and we invite some folks for lunch – friends and colleagues from work. The day before the menu is fixed: chicken, duck, pork and fish; mebbe a veggie dish or two. DH confirms that there is sufficient gas in the cylinder for the all-out cooking – by lifting the cylinder.

First tragedy strikes after the two types of rice, chicken stew, duck curry, cauliflower appetizer and custard for dessert are done. The gas gets over and the back-up single cylinder hasn’t been refilled. Considering that DH confirmed that there is sufficient fuel, I refuse to think up a plan B.

The gas agency is closed for Christmas so a replacement cylinder is out. DH is sent out to refill the single cylinder (small one). And we get Roopa’s Elf cylinder for the cooking – she was really sweet to lend it to us considering that she is the fiancee of our friend Jean and hadn’t met her at all!

So it’s now 1 pm and the chicken, veggie and fish is set on the fire. I delegate the fish fry to Roopa and slowly begin to lose it. Last dish on the fire and Roopa ‘n’ I start cutting the fruit for the fruit salad. Meanwhile, Sangy and Ullas are lost somewhere after following directions on the google maps printout.

Tragedy strikes again after the first whistle on the pressure pan cooking the pork. Gas gets over. Jean gets upset with his fiancee – she’d assured him that there’d be sufficient fuel too. Later, I asked Jean whether he did the weight testing too to confirm that the cylinder was full. But hey, without all four burners alight from that second cylinder, all those other stuff would be cooked!

The pork is transferred to the single burner cylinder and all is well again. Sangy and Ullas finally arrive. Siya is happy to see Sangy again – but her hackles are up and she barks angrily at Ullas; DH is not able to control her and she doesn’t seem to hear him. Siya doesn’t like the smell of Lucky on Ullas (Lucky is Ullas’ dog).

Cauli is too spicy and left alone. Somebody asks for water, I give the glass to someone else (I realize I am losing my mind). Then Sameer starts sniffling when they start digging in; damn, I hadn’t toned down the spice as much as I thought I had. They all assured me that the food was good – but I don’t feel good about it. I couldn’t even enjoy the food I’d cooked.

Later, over a ripe banana, Ullas wins over Siya. And all’s well between them. Then she proceeds to lick off all of Sangi’s moisturiser from her bare arms. I heard that Lucky was pretty miffed with the two of them when they got home.

After everyone left, I just hit the sack. The good thing – all those left over food implies no cooking the next day! YAY!

Merry Christmas y’all!!!