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I’ve turned out a Bengali fish curry!!! YAY!! November 23, 2011

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It’s a Wednesday evening after work. There is nothing planned for dinner. There’s fish in the freezer and an (un)interesting option of turning out a coconut curry variation of a Malayali’s fish curry. I’m thinking of asking DH to order takeaway – the easiest choice for a lazy idjit like me.

I remember in time that (more…)


All about calories August 21, 2010

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I decided to hit the gym today morning. The short walk between home and work is not going to burn much calories. Especially when dinner is what I put together. Besides, I swear the fat in my thighs have just solidified in this weather. Newer additions to the frozen cellulite will be welcomed and taught to solidify more!

I met the lovely trainer Sarah (Yes, she’s good looking, tall and slim!), who pointed me in the direction of the treadmill, (more…)