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Evernote is hot!!! March 10, 2012

Posted by Jeena in People, Technology, work.
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I read somewhere that Google Trends show that searches for Meryl Streep is at an all time high. I can vouch for that looking at the search criteria hitting my blog. Congratulations to one of my favourite stars for getting that Oscar. She even featured on our quiz at work on International Women’s Day!! I’d like to inform that according to my WP Stats, Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz in Bandidas is another popular search 🙂

I have no idea how I lived without Evernote. Quite a few people recommended it and the procrastination was all about installing the software on my smart phone. Now, everything goes there except the 2 page long to-do list from work. The only reason that hasn’t gone online is I distrust the internet for work stuff being public even if they are generic and not at all confidential. They are more reminders than anything else. I discovered that I can just mail stuff to my Evernote and things have become so easy.

It’s one of those things that is easy at first as long as you don’t clutter up your profile. That’s the good thing about tagging then. I can always go to the tags if I can’t remember the topic. A de-stressing activity of mine at work is to trawl through food blogs. This being the lent season, it’s mostly veggie dishes to keep the palate satisfied. I love it that I can email the link of the blogs I liked to Evernote.

Once I am back home and if I feel creative, I can just go online on my smart phone and browse away, pottering around with the pans and pots 😀


A little traffic doesn’t hurt December 11, 2011

Posted by Jeena in Behaviors, Technology.
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Recently, the traffic contributed by search engines on this blog has been high. People are very interested in hot pics of Meryl Streep! Not just any pics either – from Mamma Mia! too. It’s a normal occurrence to get weird search criteria. For instance, DH got a Chinese search hit at work for his product developed for English users! His work mates (more…)

Naughty babies to water babies April 11, 2010

Posted by Jeena in movies.
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For two consecutive days, someone has searched “naughty babies” and hitting my blog. I tried the search myself on Google but couldn’t hit this home page even after (more…)

Phht…wheeezz… Christmas December 17, 2009

Posted by Jeena in Bangalore, Behaviors, Festivities, Food, People, Songs.
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The festive season is picking up in Bangalore. There’s a nice little nip in the evenings and a good chill at night – reminiscent of Bangalore when it was actually the ‘Garden City’.

Guitar Banging

Over a week, there’s been a huge build-up for the Christmas celebrations in office. All over, there’ve been posters of Santa with an electric guitar! I guess Santa’s catching up with the times and was tuning up the guitar over at the North Pole this past year.

So yesterday, the plans were revealed. There would be a live band (not the banned live bands of Bangalore and Mumbai with the dancing girls) and carol singing across the floors.

Also, an email arrived in our inbox from the REC (recreation) Club too – a 40 min celebration with judging for the best dressed dude and dudette. Theme would be red and green.

Today, when I reached our cozy cachement area (I sometimes think of our tucked off corner as the quarantined ward), I am greeted by 2 Christmas Trees! Getting one is difficult, but 2!! Wow.

Then I see a little feller stuck on my PC. Wait a minute – so does everyone; little soft toys in different shapes: bunny (pink), frog (green), monkey (light brown), lion (with a brown plume), a moose which might have been a giraffe (spotted with antlers)! There was a big discussion and googling trying to make out these cute and soft toys. I bet Google Images had a huge hit from 40 people on the floor (alright, well exclude the bunny owners, but 30?).

Everyone’s wearing either green or red – more of red shirts, come to think of it. But the guy who eventually won the Best Dressed Guy prize was dressed in a Red Shirt, Green Trousers and Green Shoes!! And oh yes, the red Santa cap too!

But then the festivities just fizzled out. The live band was not enjoyed by the majority of the non-Christians. There were no Carol singing on the floor. But we did get a cake – though it was the Blueberry Birthday cake and not the Christmassy fruit cake.

I just hope that the new boss visiting us from Melbourne remembers to bring that cake I asked for during the team meeting – you know, the one with alcohol in it! I pin my hopes on that one 😀