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Mischief in the summer April 9, 2013

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We got ourselves some lovely plants – both flowering and non-flowering. Sitting out on the balcony is more pleasurable if you can ignore the buzzing mossies! Guess who else also loves flowers? The bloody monkeys too!

Yes, you don’t need to reread that sentence. We’ve got a big (and expanding) family of monkeys. They’ve managed to mutilate the red lilies and white flower plants. I’m not sure whether we’ve encroached their habitat or whether they decided to adopt our premises. The head guy doesn’t say much, and neither do the other members in their family. There is a lot of baring of surprisingly healthy and white teeth.

They know how to open the sliding windows if any of them are not locked correctly. They happily get into the bathrooms and take a shower, cooling themselves from this summer heat. Strangely, they don’t appear to do any rain dances in the 2 or 3 occasions the skies attempted to break this drought.

The adults are not so bad. It’s the almost-adult babies that cause grief. Now, why am I surprised. Ask any mother in the homo sapiens. It’s a universal phenomenon


Installed, loving it February 9, 2013

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The two months leading up to moving to our new home was hectic, and confusion reigned. A few new appliances needed ordering, the materials required for the interiors purchased. Couple of old furniture were moved to the new home for refurbishing, touching up. As we started packing up, boxes began piling up in the hall. I wonder, if we had fewer books (fiction & non-fiction), would there have been so many boxes?

We met all kinds of people from the sophisticated to the unblemished & naïve characters. Interacting with them increased our conversational skills in the local language. I trashed Hindi with no misgivings – my directions on the phone to the drivers delivering things we’d ordered would have made the North Indians wince (by the way, what’s hindi for banyan tree?).

It became a routine asking for a discount. Curtains, lights, furniture, painters, cleaners, packers ‘n’ movers. “What’s the best price you can give?” Of course, there were some places that we should have had better deals.

 My leadership skills were tested when DH had to step out on moving day. A shouting match broke out between two men. If DH had been there, it wouldn’t have happened. As it is, I had to get rid of the ‘meek, malleable’ woman image and become someone I didn’t recognize. It took a couple of minutes but they called it quits before getting to fisticuffs. 

I had an allergy tab and put on a mask. The dust rising would have made me a sneezing spectacle otherwise. I never realized that I had so much utensils in the kitchen. After a while, I stopped bothering which crate & carton contained what. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve just found out what became of my apron.

One mistake I made was not taking time off after moving in. Perhaps, it would have been easier instead of battering my constitution with the longer journey to work and back, then organizing everything at home.

At the end of the day, despite everything, coming home to the unpolluted and quiet home is worth everything.

A whiff of wine November 24, 2012

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It looks like the printer at work is possessed – among other problems including paper jams. It seemes to think that the user wants about 6 copies of everything he/she prints. That’s how 6 copies of a colleague’s compilation of home-made wine recipes were churned out and I got one copy. Funny, how she hasn’t made a start on it. 😛

Last Saturday, I bottled about 4 litres of beetroot wine. I’ve got another week to go before it’s ready though. Today, I was checking up on the bottles stored in a ‘cool, dark’ place. The daily help saw me moving the storage bins of atta and rice. She asked me what’s the smell and I tried explaining. Apparently, every morning she comes in, she gets this smell. So she attempts to follow the smell and hunts in unlikely places for any ‘bottles’ we may have forgotten. She’s quite happy to find out that there isn’t anything decaying under her nose 😀

Funny how we don’t get any smells. Hmmmm

The ginger is chopped and ready for some home-made ginger wine. I just need to get either the citric acid crystals or some juice & zest of lime. Do I need to boil the ginger for 5 mins or 20 mins or 1 hour? Everyone’s got a different opinion on the ‘world wide web’ (Transformers style). When I diligently followed the beetroot wine recipe, they lied about the prep & cooking time. It took about 3 – 4 hours! 2 litres of water gave me 4 litres because I squeezed the pulp after boiling for 20 mins. 😦

Oh no! January 20, 2012

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One of my work mates doesn’t fall in the average Indian women’s height range of 5′ 1″ to 5′ 4″. She stands out unusually at 5′ 8″ especially when accompanied by us (we’re about 5′ 4″).

One guy on the floor started noticing her as he is quite tall himself at 6′ (again the average height of an Indian male is quite low). He got into a habit of looking out for her in the mornings or during lunch breaks as he sat in front of his computer. He thought he fancied her.

He started searching for her in Facebook. He went through the friends lists… his friends (more…)

A professional sleeper January 5, 2012

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I am an ugly sleeper – my mouth is open, my eyes are half-shut and I drool sometimes. I’ve scared a few girls in the boarding school dormitory when they’ve walked past my bed in the dark. Honestly, even I would be scared if I saw my half-shut eyes with just the whites glowing in the dark. (more…)

Am I not pretty? December 31, 2011

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She was standing next to the car, in the shade when we got back to the parked car….

A short fun ride in a 3-wheeler … make that 2 December 15, 2011

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There was a farewell lunch at work. The restaurant was only 1.5 km away but we were already weak with hunger. The rickshaws were ready to come for an exorbitant charge and there were 5 of us women, so we would need 2. One chap agreed to take us the short distance for a fair amount. Then he noticed the other two women with us waiting for another rick. Smartly (at the time), he offered his vehicle to ferry all five of us for the cost of taking 2 autos!


A little traffic doesn’t hurt December 11, 2011

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Recently, the traffic contributed by search engines on this blog has been high. People are very interested in hot pics of Meryl Streep! Not just any pics either – from Mamma Mia! too. It’s a normal occurrence to get weird search criteria. For instance, DH got a Chinese search hit at work for his product developed for English users! His work mates (more…)

My hair says thank you November 26, 2011

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I’ve felt irritated all week thanks to an itchy scalp and clogged pipes in the nose. I was very arrogant last Saturday and washed my hair despite sneezing and sniffling all day. After oiling the scalp – didn’t wash it out!

Sunday saw an increase in the volume of the sneezing and the eyes turned red towards the evening. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving – India Celebrating For? November 24, 2011

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Now my sketchy knowledge of history dictates that Thanksgiving is a purely US affair. Thanking the forefathers, etc etc dating back to the 17th century. All you guys in US, enjoy the day and food.

So why is India celebrating Thanksgiving? Why is Radio Indigo asking Bangaloreans whether they are celebrating Thanksgiving? Don’t we already have enough festivals across the diverse population making up this City?

I can understand restaurants and hotels marketing this occasion to get Americans and NRI’s/ US returnees to stuff themselves with Turkey. Old times’ sake and nostalgia. But I must simply shake my head at the RJ Melodee’s blooper on radio. “How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?” HUH? DUH?

Having said that, which restaurant vouchers were you giving away? You know, the place where I could get the stuffed turkey – just slice me a spicy version of the original recipe 😛