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Last year February 11, 2015

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Our latest addition to the family was due in another 2 months last year around this time. A pea sized object whose heart beat we’d been monitoring every week had grown bigger and appeared to weigh approximately 2 kg. There were hands, legs, eyes, nose, ears, hair….  a miracle of creation. 

The anxiety of the first trimester, the relaxed second trimester and I was well into the tiredness of the third. All that is now a fading memory. If I don’t pen down some key moments, I fear that I will not remember the pains DH took to keep me hydrated, prevent me from falling sick, making sure my legs were horizontal, watching over me like a mama hawk.

I started feeling hot around this time. The baby was breached but lots of time to turn around. I wanted a normal delivery and wanted to turn bubs around. Dr S suggested squats and carefully DH supervised them, supporting my back making sure I didn’t injure my knees. Looking back, sure I went through the changes, hormonal lows, aches and pains; but DH was there throughout the journey. Next scan showed the head was down! Those squats sure do work.

Cousins of DH landed at our home, in transit to Mauritius for their honeymoon. I was waddling by then. I wanted to travel somewhere too. Little did I know that it would be another year before I went out anywhere.

At night, I was sleeping less. In preparation for the nights to come you would say. But it was in no way a preparation for the lack of sleep in the months to come.

Looking at the cute babies around you, don’t be deceived if you don’t have any and think of having one. It is bloody hard work! A volatile person like me wouldn’t have believed the oodles of patience this full time job requires!


Clock it February 7, 2015

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I turned into this weird person without weekends. I spent more time gazing into the blue glow of the computer and less on the beauty of my surroundings. I would stare in dismay at the bundle of hair falling around me, not to mention the entangled ones in the hair brush. I became a workaholic with the stress of deadlines and lengthy travel time to boot.

I needed to switch off and rejuvenate. Let’s go on a road trip…a lengthy one. I haven’t seen the attractions of N.Kerala – there are lots of differences in cuisines especially. The monsoon is an added bonus. The fasting

And thus began a long road trip which read approximately 3000km after we got back, a short vacation and the beginning of another wonderful journey – the third and youngest member of our family.