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Installed, loving it February 9, 2013

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The two months leading up to moving to our new home was hectic, and confusion reigned. A few new appliances needed ordering, the materials required for the interiors purchased. Couple of old furniture were moved to the new home for refurbishing, touching up. As we started packing up, boxes began piling up in the hall. I wonder, if we had fewer books (fiction & non-fiction), would there have been so many boxes?

We met all kinds of people from the sophisticated to the unblemished & naïve characters. Interacting with them increased our conversational skills in the local language. I trashed Hindi with no misgivings – my directions on the phone to the drivers delivering things we’d ordered would have made the North Indians wince (by the way, what’s hindi for banyan tree?).

It became a routine asking for a discount. Curtains, lights, furniture, painters, cleaners, packers ‘n’ movers. “What’s the best price you can give?” Of course, there were some places that we should have had better deals.

 My leadership skills were tested when DH had to step out on moving day. A shouting match broke out between two men. If DH had been there, it wouldn’t have happened. As it is, I had to get rid of the ‘meek, malleable’ woman image and become someone I didn’t recognize. It took a couple of minutes but they called it quits before getting to fisticuffs. 

I had an allergy tab and put on a mask. The dust rising would have made me a sneezing spectacle otherwise. I never realized that I had so much utensils in the kitchen. After a while, I stopped bothering which crate & carton contained what. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve just found out what became of my apron.

One mistake I made was not taking time off after moving in. Perhaps, it would have been easier instead of battering my constitution with the longer journey to work and back, then organizing everything at home.

At the end of the day, despite everything, coming home to the unpolluted and quiet home is worth everything.


Colder and colder November 1, 2012

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Last evening, walking back home from the point where the cab had dropped us, you’d hardly believe this was Bangalore. The incessant showers, the cold, the winds were all reminiscent of cold, wet and miserable London.

Sandy is causing misery in the East Coast. But the cyclone hitting the south coast of India is making sure that her presence is felt too. The days are shorter and colder. The only place of warmth in the house is beneath the sheet or the kitchen when something’s on the stove.

It’s also obvious that the laundry needs to wait for the next sunny day if they need to drip dry. The electricity keeps going on and off so all the gizmos with batteries need recharging. Here’s to wet days ahead and no evening walks!

Take that – another dream September 16, 2011

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I’ve thought of death a lot these days. In my dreams too. People I know, people I don’t know (which is weird). I wake up from my sleep abruptly and console myself that it is just a dream. Most nights (mornings?), I go back to sleep consoling myself that it’s just a dream. Sometimes I dream the same thing again. There is no weirder feeling than feeling depressed and inconsolable in one’s sleep.

When I was a kid, I used to wake up sobbing after dreaming that my mom had died. (She’s very much alive and kicking ass). I’d like to blame it on the movies of those days where they always did away the heroines with blood cancer or during childbirth. It looks like those episodes of ‘dreams of death’ are back again but I’m not sure what to blame them on.

The latest episode involved the death of someone I didn’t know. The woman in the cab and I were the heroines in this dream. It was the former’s husband who was lying at death’s door. In reality, I live near these people but haven’t visited them because we aren’t that close to each other. In the dream, I pass their house, and see a gathering. He’s seriously ill, not conscious. I go up to where he’s lying in the bedroom. It’s weird that he’s not in the hospital with nurses around him – mebbe this character would have liked it better (in real life). The lady in the cab is crying silently. I look at her and we come to an understanding. We take a hand each (her husband’s), praying to the Almighty fervently. (To spell it out, miracle healing in my dreams). And hallelujah, he regains consciousness. I remember thinking in my dream that that didn’t take long for my first attempt at miracle healing. 😀 The entire family was quite grateful to me too.

Death is inevitable but the matter of this undiscovered terrain by modern human race makes the uncertainty scary. The other day, they showed how an athlete survived 2 nights and 3 days in harsh conditions in the canyons of Utah. She had one bottle of water, her pelvic bone disconnected from the spine after a fall, and a dog she’d adopted for company. Probably her endurance training helped her not give in on the first day (like I would have) and get rescued on the third day.

When death faces you, do you see the life you’ve lived passing by and give in, or just fight it because you believe your best years are yet to come? Whatever it is, I’d like my eulogy to be the best 😀

In & around Bangalore, Mysore April 21, 2011

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These were taken by folks when they visited India for the first time. Thrown in together are places of worship, government buildings, skyscrapers and colonial periods.. enjoy – don’t forget to leave a comment

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Back again… February 21, 2011

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There’s been a lot happening in the last six months – but no will or time to post. I’ve been busy reading. I’ve read a bit in the last six months. My shelf in Shelfari is evidence.

Authors I acquainted myself with include Sara Douglas, Suzanne (more…)