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Happy Thanksgiving – India Celebrating For? November 24, 2011

Posted by Jeena in Bangalore, Behaviors, Food.
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Now my sketchy knowledge of history dictates that Thanksgiving is a purely US affair. Thanking the forefathers, etc etc dating back to the 17th century. All you guys in US, enjoy the day and food.

So why is India celebrating Thanksgiving? Why is Radio Indigo asking Bangaloreans whether they are celebrating Thanksgiving? Don’t we already have enough festivals across the diverse population making up this City?

I can understand restaurants and hotels marketing this occasion to get Americans and NRI’s/ US returnees to stuff themselves with Turkey. Old times’ sake and nostalgia. But I must simply shake my head at the RJ Melodee’s blooper on radio. “How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?” HUH? DUH?

Having said that, which restaurant vouchers were you giving away? You know, the place where I could get the stuffed turkey – just slice me a spicy version of the original recipe 😛


Cluck cluck…cluckety cluck November 25, 2009

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Thanksgiving is coming up in US but Aussies don’t do it; so no holidays for those on the other side of the ocean until Christmas. Many bloggers are talking about the turkey and dishes they will be preparing for the day, for their families and friends.

Some of these blogs are quite educational. This particular blogger says:

… these turkeys have been bred for one thing and one thing only… meat. These are dumb animals. These birds see a large predator (aka me or Edwina, the wayfaring farm dog) and think to themselves, “Hey let’s all go check that out! Guys come over here! Look a predator! Let’s all go say hi!” Needless to say they would not last long in the wild. Unfortunately they also don’t last that long on the farm. One turkey randomly had a heart attack one day and became dinner. It seems they are looking for ways to die. Apparently it is not really true that turkeys can drown from looking up at the rain, but they’re so dumb it seem plausible.

The actual preparations for Thanksgiving appear not to be too different from any other festivities, eg Onam. The woman spends her time cutting, chopping, baking, cleaning… and looks the most wilted of the gathering. Then think of the pile of unwashed dishes, messy kitchen, overflowing garbage, lack of dishes to refrigerate the leftovers… who is giving thanks now? Only the invitees!

I’d like to eat some turkey now but I am too broke to head to Subway and get a Turkey sub. I still remember the live turkey that someone gave us when I was a kid, back in Nigeria. It lived in the small spare room noone used. And pecked at the grains we fed it. The person who loaned it to us didn’t want it back. So my father killed it, my brother and I joined in cleaning it and mom baked it; the aromas were mouthwatering. Unfortunately, it tasted like the breast meat of a chicken – I am not too fond of that chewy piece of meat. And there weren’t succulent bony pieces. Sigh!

Maybe I haven’t tasted authentic baked/ roasted turkey. Anyone care to invite me?